Trade-Ideas Privacy Statement

Symbol Lists

Trade-Ideas will not share your symbol lists with anybody.  These lists are available to the Trade-Ideas technical and support staff so they may assist you.  Company policy prohibits anyone from trading based on this information, or even from perusing these lists without a specific request.  These lists are protected by your password; keep your password safe.  A statistical aggregation of this data for all users may be more readily available, but only in a form which does not point to any single user or small group of users.

Email Addresses

Trade-Ideas does not currently give away or sell email addresses or other personal information.  Each user can decide whether or not Trade-Ideas may share this information.  If, in the future, Trade-Ideas chooses to share this information, we will not do so without each user’s consent.  Click here to view or update your current choice.

Trade-Ideas periodically sends out email to users describing new features, or other useful information.  By default all users are subscribed to these messages.  Each user can choose not to receive these messages.  We strongly recommend that you subscribe to these messages.  If you do not, please check out the What’s New page on a regular basis.

Trade-Ideas requires a valid email address even if the user does not subscribe to either list.  This address is used by some services, such as retrieving a forgotten password.  This address is also used for special situations, like billing problems.

Payment Information

All credit card numbers, etc., are stored by PayPal or  Trade-Ideas does not have any access to this information.

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