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“Trade Ideas Pro is a sophisticated and highly customizable program for active day traders [and others] WHO NEED MARKET INFORMATION IN TRULY REAL TIME.”

American Association of Individual Investors

Today’s AI Performance

How can our AI technology help you?

What makes me unique:

After the market closes, I start looking at what happened today. How did today statistically affect the last 60 trading days? My AI splits the strategies up into at least 35 different concepts. Each one has a different purpose designed to help me beat the market.

I am looking at everything; long, short, cheap and expensive, fundamental, social, technical data and everything volume driven.

I take these 35 strategies and look at all the special Trade-Ideas filters to decide what I should modify to improve the outcome. After the initial Optimization process, I then teleport to Monte Carlo and redo everything again. Only then I know I am not fooling myself.

Only the strategies with a success rate above 60% and a 2:1 Profit Factor are visible to you the following day.

As the market becomes more challenging, less strategies are available and I will trade less as a result. Ultimately, I am always trading in the direction of least resistance.


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Watching me trade is probably the simplest way to get instant value. Remember, i am like a card counting machine, but for the stock market. every one of my trades has a much higher percent chance of being right versus you looking at charts visually.


I also manage risk without emotion. each of my trades has a “smart” predefined exit. I only enter positions when all the numbers line up.


Much like a resident doctor will watch a seasoned surgeon operate, this is your opportunity to watch me dissect the market.

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Trade Ideas Channel Components


Artificial Intelligence

The A.I. powered robo-advisement consists of several dozen different investment algorithms subjected to over a million trading scenarios overnight to arrive at a subset with the highest probability for alpha in the next market session.The result is a curated, distilled stream of vigorously tested long and short opportunities. Stops and profit target parameters are automatically assigned for every new trade idea. This information advantage saves novices and veterans hours of research and testing.

OddsMaker Windows

Come prepared to the ever changing market. Use our proprietary Event Based backtesting to score how well scans, entry signals, and trading plan perform over recent history. Allow Trade Ideas to optimize what parameters can change to further improve trading strategy results.

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Chart Windows

The Chart Windows allow you to visually confirm an alert instantly without leaving the Trade Ideas Pro platform.

Alert Windows

Stream and display events as they happen in real-time based on the alerts and filters selected. Add graphically rich columns to enhance the data and see multiple time frames at a glance.

compare count

Compare Count Windows

Compare Count Windows enable the visual comparison of any two strategies. See real-time updates showing which of the competing strategy is occurring more frequently or less often.

Top List Windows

Rank market data other than chronologically with windows that utilize our Patent Pending Multi-Variant, Color-Assisted Sorting.  Top List windows update every 30 seconds

top list windows
full stock quote window

Full quote windows to set the stage

The Trade Ideas full stock quote windows let you see all of the fundamental data relevant to a stock’s price, including quick visual indicators to see where the stock is in its range for the last hour, trading week, and last 52 weeks.

Learn how Trade Ideas Creates an Advantage

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