Present opportunities with a trading plan: optimized and tested with A.I. for entry, exit, in specific stocks, every day.

This ROI decision is positive and immediate because the information is engaging and high performing. It also reinforces your firm’s brand as an innovator on behalf of your customers.

You either have a plan for providing A.I. for your customers, or others will be using their AI against you.

Trade Ideas Professional Suite provides the new capabilities for Active Management professionals.

  • Delivers what’s working in the market right now powered by Machine Learning A.I.
  • Engages users with content that’s relevant and personalized – content that takes a side, contains an information advantage, and can guide users around and through turbulent market events like Brexit, Elections, crashes, and economic uncertainty
  • Built for multiple platforms: mobile, web, desktop
  • Future proof: can layer new data sets such as social media, supply chain, crowd-sourced estimates, etc.
  • Uses browser based solution (our HTML5 version) that’s powered by SaaS and eliminates need for individual installs, managing versions/upgrades, easy to access

Why Trade Ideas?

  • Improve the Portfolio & Market Narrative for Clients
  • Access unique Derived Conclusions from technicals, fundamentals, and non-structured data sets
  • Monitor Clients’ equity portfolio, Be alerted to significant Support & Resistance levels
  • Increase customer trading activity levels
  • Improve customer retention and portfolio sustainability in the market
  • Deliver stock specific strategies before each open with updated performance stats
  • Level the playing field for your customers against more highly capitalized participants
  • Awaken activity of dormant accounts and improve customers decisions
  • Leadership and innovation powered by Big Data and Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence
  • Easy integration from 13 years of best practices – already written and compatible with your website architecture and platform languages
  • Audit the trading trail – use historical data to establish “Facts and Circumstances” of the trade
  • Improve efficiency of technology spend: Stop using 10% of expensive terminals and use 90% of Trade Ideas

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