Buyside PMs and Traders Need an Information Advantage that Generates Alpha.

As in warfare you need overwhelming, asymmetrical force to engage an adversary and control the outcome.

Trade Ideas Creates Information Asymmetry by tying our derived data to your strategy

Portfolio Managers and traders don’t take algorithms on face value, they seek a deep understanding of their goals and criteria so that subsequent ideas have context and that modifications can be made to better fit specific investment preferences – if only to add their own twist.

Trade Ideas provides 3 solutions for the Buyside Portfolio Manager and Professional Trader:


  1. Trade Ideas Professional Suite provides the features that professionals and institutions must have.
    • Transparency into the specific parameters of Holly’s A.I. powered algorithms. Professionals are able to get the answers to the following questions:
      • What filters and alerts does the algorithm use?
      • What values define the thresholds for triggering an event?
    • Modification of the algorithm settings developed by Holly.
    • Access to algorithms not included in other versions. Examples include algorithms specific to the S&P 500, specific sectors, and more.
  2. Trade Ideas Quant permits entirely bespoke configurations of any market pattern or activity. Set specific preferences coded into your own, proprietary feed. Allow Trade Ideas’ Machine Learning A.I. to optimize settings to best capture alpha – it’s AI-as-a-Service.

Why Trade Ideas?

  • Capture consistent alpha
  • Access unique Derived Conclusions from technicals, fundamentals, and non-structured data sets
  • Optimize your investment and trading strategies with our A.I.-as-a-Service
  • Performance analytics – see our portfolio’s performance
  • Audit the trading trail – use historical data to establish “Facts and Circumstances” of the trade
  • Level the playing field against large institutions and HFTs

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