Trade Ideas: Driving Trade and Investment with the AI Engine

The only source of knowledge is experience”–this famous saying by Albert Einstein succinctly abridges the inception story of Trade Ideas. Back in the day, the founders–Daniel Mirkin and others—used to work for a venture capital financed firm, to bring direct access trading technology to hedge fund managers. What was thought to help nurture and promote growth of business, the venture firm taught them exactly what not to do. In Mirkin’s words, the tune to 50-million-dollar education! In the process, Mirkin and team learned that access to high-touch information in investing and trading is the key component to succeed. Hence, to be at the cutting-edge of tracking every stock in the market and notifying customers about profitable activity, Trade Ideas software was developed in 2002–the landmark that decided the difference between success and failure….

In an exclusive interview with CIO Applications, Mirkin, CEO and Senior Managing Partner at Trade Ideas shared his insights on the company’s proprietary solution, demystified the myths in the trading paradigm, and highlighted how the company is tackling the challenges during the global pandemic, and much more….


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